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From black tie to business, formal or casual, the dress code varies a lot and, as a high-class escort, it is very important to know exactly what each dress code means in terms of clothes and accessories, especially now when there are so many other declinations from the traditional, basic dress codes.

We now talk about white tie, black tie, creative black tie, black tie optional, semiformal, festive attire, business formal, business casual, dressy casual and last but not least, the casual wear. Each and every dress code mentioned above has its own characteristics that must be taken into consideration if you want to spread your wings and reach the inner circles where the rich and famous like to play and party!

White Tie

The white tie is the highest level of dress code, an ultra-formal attire that translates into long evening gowns and the optional gloves, while for men it translates into white bow-tie, black coat with tails that matches the trousers, with a single stripe of black satin, white shirt with stiff front, white vest, optional white gloves and black shoes.

Black Tie

This is the second highest level of formal attire and it implies a long evening gown or a dark colored cocktail dress for the ladies and a black tuxedo jacket with matching trousers, white shirt, black bow tie, black shoes and no gloves for men.

Creative Black Tie

This dress code is a re-interpreted black tie dress code, an attire with a trendy twist. The ladies can go for a bolder cocktail dress color or some unique accessories, while men can go for a trendy bow tie or a black shirt.

Black Tie Optional

Less formal than the black-tie dress code, it means that men can go for a black suit instead of a tuxedo and a tie instead of a bowtie, while women can opt for a neutral colored cocktail dress or pantsuit.


The dress code etiquette implies that when a semi-formal dress code is required, men can wear a darker colored business suit with a tie. In this case, the vest is optional. Women can opt for a long, elegant skirt with a top, or for the famous “little black dress”.

Business Formal

It’s a dress code used for business meetings, lunches and conferences and means a suit and a tie for the gents and a tailored dress or pantsuit for the ladies.

Festive Attire

This is a dress code usually used during the holidays and it translates into a cocktail dress or a long elegant skirt with a top for the ladies, using a touch of the holiday feel – some color or some accessories. Men can wear a sports coat or a blazer, an open-collar shirt and a tie in a festive color.

Business Casual

This dress code depends on the age of the person wearing the clothes and the location of the event. You ladies should wear a dress or a skirt that goes past the knee, or pants and a blouse, while the gents should wear a nice pair of pants or khakis, a shirt, and a belt.

Cocktail Attire

This dress code is also called cocktail chic and it is very loved because it gives you some wiggle room. The colors chosen should be darker and no shorts, sandals or t-shirts are allowed. Men should wear jeans or dress pants, a shirt, and a sports coat. Women are supposed to wear knee-length skirts or a pair of pants with a blouse or sweater or even the classic “little black dress”.

Garden Attire & Beach Formal

Dress to impress but keep in mind the environment. Here the open-toe shoes and sandals are accepted. Flats and platforms are also recommended for the garden party. Use colored outfits and summer dresses.

Smart Casual

The smart casual dress code it’s also called “casual dressy” and that translates into jeans or trousers with a polo or a shirt for men and jeans, pants or knee-length skirts for women. Avoid shorts, old jeans, and t-shirts.


It’s an informal dress code that means that anything goes as long as you keep it tasteful and classy.

So, at the next important event, your clients invites you, do your research about the dress code and dress accordingly. You will stand out in the most positive manner and you’ll definitely make a memorable first impression.