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How could look one day in Vienna with your escort luxury companion Emma Elite

Vienna is famous for its traditional coffee houses that eventually spread all over former Habsburg Empire. So lets start our one day in Vienna at traditional cafe.

The center of Vienna is closed within Ring Road – everything you find inside is the Inner City. After we are done with your morning coffee that’s where we should head to. That’s where we will find the most important and most spectacular buildings in Vienna: the Opera House, the Parliament, the State Theatre, the Town Hall or the University – just to name the few.

Hundertwasserhaus – the funky side of Vienna-
The capital of Austria isn’t only about imperial, Habsburg remnants. In your one day in Vienna you can see also its funky side with its best example – Hundertwasserhaus.

Prater – a fun ending of your one day in Vienna
Prater – a huge park that used to be Habsburg’s hunting area – is especially known for the amusement park with the big wheel built in 1897. The amusement park is open till midnight which makes a perfect and fun end of your one day in Vienna.

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